Local dementia facts affecting Worthing businesses

Local dementia facts that affect all Worthing businesses and employers

Dementia Friendly Worthing has just been given the latest fact that affect local employers and businesses. Please feel free to circulate this infographic which estimates that there are 2,000 people over 65 living with dementia in Worthing. This is expected to rise to 3,000 by 2030.

  • That is one in every 12 people over 65!
  • Two-thirds of people, living with dementia, are living at home.
  • 49% of the UK public say they are more likely to support a company if they know it supports people with dementia (YouGov 2011).

In addition, there are estimated to be 6,000 family and friends caring for people with dementia in Worthing and here are some facts you need to know as an employer.

  • There are approximately 70 people of working age (under 65) living with dementia in Worthing.
  • 18% of people diagnosed with dementia under 65 continue to work after their diagnosis.
  • Early retirement of those with dementia costs businesses £627 million a year in England alone.
  • 21% of family carers give up work or reduce hours at a cost to businesses in England of £1.6 billion.
  • 51% of people caring for a family member with dementia are still in work and in need of support from their employers.

What can you do? Would you like to know more?

You can contact us at and we can put you in touch with the local Alzheimer’s co-ordinator; invite you to our next Dementia Alliance Meeting; organise dementia friends sessions for your staff and support you in your action plan to become a more dementia friendly business.

Our next meeting is on 21 June at 4pm at the Bradbury Wellbeing Centre, Haviland House, Goring-by-Sea and we shall shortly be organising one with Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce. Please watch this space for more details.

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